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Northern Tier Contracting, Inc. has implemented this program to ensure employees are informed of any chemical hazards and hazardous or toxic substances in their workplace:

Northern Tier Contracting Inc. will develop, implement, and maintain at each workplace a written hazard communication program that describes how labels and other forms of warning, safety data sheets, and employee information will be accomplished.

Employees will be notified of any hazardous substances used by any company other than Northern Tier Contracting, Inc. in the workplace, and make safety data sheets available to employees.

A list of all chemicals known to be used at the workplace by company employees will be available for review at the jobsite and in the office. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for all chemicals used in the workplace by Northern Tier Contracting, Inc. are available to employees at the worksite from the job foreman or in the office.

Changes of job assignments, changes in materials used, or any non-routine tasks involving hazardous substances or conditions will require notification and/or retraining of effected employees. NTC Safety Director will inform or retrain employees of any new or additional hazards, detail methods of hazard abatement or elimination, and provide proper personal protective equipment or engineering controls necessary for the job. Notifications and retraining will be documented as to name of employee, date, description of action taken, and verified.

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